Freelance Artist Consortium of Seattle (FACS)
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The Freelance Artists Consortium of Seattle (FACS) is a union created by cultural workers from a wide range of disciplines, media, and genres including performers, writers, visual and media artists, and technicians in and around Seattle.

We aim to build solidarity, advocacy, sustainability, information, and resource sharing, as well as mutual support between freelance artists.

In coordination with Seattle Independent Artist Sustainability Effort (SIASE)/Seattle ACED we are working toward an equitable, resilient, and sustainable arts ecosystem, that includes:

  • Fostering and strengthening solidarity and mutual support between artists, artist-run spaces and organizations
  • Nurturing solidarity with freelance laborers in other sectors, locally and beyond
  • Sharing of resources and information
  • Advocating, promoting and monitoring fair labor practices and wage equity
  • Building self-representation and self-determination for cultural workers and securing meaningful artist representation on arts-related municipal boards and commissions